The Best Place to Retire

It depends on which list you agree with. I continually see lists of the ‘Best Places to Retire’. There will be 10,000 people per day for the next twenty years turning 65 years old. These 75 million baby boomers will be retiring and make the choice, either move to a retirement area or stay put. For those planning to move, here are a few lists to consider: US News magazineFORBES magazineAARPCNN Huffington Post, etc. Some observations as I look at all of the lists is they seem to have different cities. Rarely do I find the same city on each list. Second, not all are in warmer climates or the lowest tax states. Also, try to move quickly past the pop up/flashy ad’s (you don’t see that on One thing I highly recommend to those selling a property is to find the list that has your city and make sure each prospective buyer is aware of the list. As a seller you need to use all positive information you can find to make your home the most appealing.



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