replacing carpet with hardwood floors

owning a home means you are constantly making decisions that have long term ramifications. One decision is what to do when your carpeting wears out. Do I get them professionally cleaned? Do I replace them with more carpet? Do I replace the carpet with a different flooring? I am now in the process of making that decision. I remember back in High School, being a jock was what was ‘cool’, so I did that. In college, long hair is what the girls wanted, so I did that. After college, it was ‘clean cut’, because that is what my customers and boss wanted. When making a decision on appearance for my home, it is what does the buyer want. Not that I plan to sell soon, but eventually. At least once a year I visit home builder models. Builders know what buyers want and they constantly adjust their model homes to appeal to the majority of buyers. Years ago I noticed the kitchen counters getting larger and today with more granite. Master bathrooms with tile, separate shower, separate sinks and separate closets are available. But, what about the main flooring. It is easy to see, hardwood floors are what the buyers want. In almost every room, you see hardwood floors. So, that made my decision easy.  Replace carpet with hardwood and at the same time refinish the existing hardwood floors so it all matches. Even HGTV recommends hardwood floors. Here are a few before photos. In two week when completed I’ll show you the final product.

FSBO Hardwoods

FSBO Carpet


3 Responses to “replacing carpet with hardwood floors”

  1. Hans Says:

    Hardwood flooring is fine on ground levels. Using hardwood flooring on higher levels creates unbearable sound noise on the lower levels.
    Even a throw rug won’t mitigate the noise.

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