Myth busted: agents do show FSBO’s

there is this myth that if you list your property with a flat fee mls agent, the other agents will not show the property. This is a myth that is untrue. For over ten years, has been sending Flat Fee MLS sellers to agents in every state. Results: showings and sales continue to increase. The sellers reduces the commission paid at closing and still gets the maximum exposure on the local MLS,, and more. The buyers agent still get the normal buyers agent commission. Here are two recent examples:

2991Dalton Ln, Austell, GA and  2054 Summer View Pl, Marietta, GA

Both properties were cleaned up with new paint, new carpet, move in condition and priced right. Both properties were under contract with lot’s of showings in less then a week. Properties needing work or that were priced too high have not had the same results. Here is the best place to learn more: FSBO.COM/flat-fee-mls

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3 Responses to “Myth busted: agents do show FSBO’s”

  1. km Says:

    Yes, well, that is because the fee charged is 3% = exactly what the agent would get paid if you sell it yourself, or via another agent.

    The Realtors fees are 6% of sales price, and divided equally between buyer’s and seller’s agents, so 3% each. The flat fee MLS listing is the $400. fee charged by FSBO PLUS 3% commission to the buyer’s agent, so really, all you’ve saved is the 3% that would go to your sellers’ agent - minus $400. in fees FSBO charged.

    Still better than 6%, but as far as the buyer’s agent is concerned, this is exactly equal to the amount they’d be paid, regardless of who lists the property, so they have zero reason not to show the properties with equal zeal.

    The only reason they’d refuse to show a FSBO is if the seller wouldn’t agree to the extortion of 3% of sales price.

  2. madden 17 Says:

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  3. Chris Says:

    The agent still gets 3% so that would be better than getting nothing at all. This of course opens an avenue for collaboration.

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