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It’s Open House season for FSBO’s

Monday, April 20th, 2015

we have often blogged that there is no one way to find a buyer for your property. Some call off of the yard sign. Others find your property online. Others from referrals, etc. And, some find their new home driving around the area’s in which they plan to buy. This is the time of year that buyers drive in the area’s they are interested in, so you might as well help them. I would pick a weekend and hold an Open House from noon to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. On the Monday prior to the weekend I would do the following:
1. Lower your price a little and change the Remarks to:


2. update, Zillow and all other online ad’s with that headline
3. each day put a new ad on Craigslist
4. send/deliver flyer’s to all real estate offices that are close to your property
5. put balloons on your mail box and Open House signs every place that will help
6. the day of the Open House, park your cars at the street so it looks like people are looking at your home
7. remove pets, small children and any other distractions from your property on the day of the Open House.
8. be prepared to be there to discuss your property and to negotiate with any interested parties.
9. have a notebook and get all parties to write down their name and number. You need to know who is entering your property and this gives you a way to follow up later and get feedback.
10. some suggestions for security: a. place all valuables in a secure place b. keep all parties together, do not let one person go upstairs alone, while the other keeps asking you questions to keep you busy c. Make sure, you are not alone during the Open House, either your spouse, relative or other adult is with you.
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does it take 3 washing machines to do your laundry?

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Does it take three automobiles to get to work each day? Does it take three of anything to get the same job done? NO!  So why does it take three real estate agent websites to search and get the same results. Search and you’ll find houses for sale that you won’t see any where else. Zillow, Trulia and, you put in the same requirements and the exact same properties come up. Why? Because they all take direct feed the the local MLS system. It is the same information w/photos going to the three different websites. Something has got to change. Redundant?? When one changes or adds a new feature, the other two follow suit. Now, if an effort to be different, Zillow is dropping the MLS feeds, causing quite a stir in the realtor industry. And, Zillow now has acquired Trulia. A backlash is coming. Already we are seeing old listings of properties replace the new ones. Outdated information, wrong price and photos. What’s up with that? Is this possible, change actually has made things worse. I loved the quote yesterday by Rory McIlroy, when asked what Tiger Woods needs to do to compete at the Masters golf tournament this week. His response to Tiger: “Keep it simple” and “use your talents without over thinking every shot”. Hmm! I could say the same thing about the real estate industry. Do we really need so many new versions, new changes, new everything, etc? My brother just bought a new construction house. He had to sign or initial a 46 pages contract. Really?? Are that many pages really necessary to build a new house. In the end, buyers tell me “I just want to buy a new home to live in”, that’s it. The more complicated it gets, the less likely it will happen. Let’s see if Tiger takes Rory’s advice this weekend.

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Easiest time to buy? While you are renting..

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Why? Because you remove the pressure of selling at the same time as buying. If you buy a new home, but have not sold your existing home you end up with double payments. No one wants that. If you are constantly spending time cleaning, organizing and getting your current home ready to be shown, that is time you could be searching and negotiating for the new home. Selling and buying simultaneously means you are trying to keep the potential buyers happy, the sellers happy, the mortgage company happy, your family happy, plus you still need to go to work and do your best. That’s a lot to ask. Once you find a good property, it takes time and patience when negotiating. You want the best price and terms, but you may be under pressure because of your current home. Renters do not have these problems. We suggest to renters that your first property will be the best experience, because you are not under pressure to buy. You can search and negotiate without pressure to get the best deal. Enjoy it, the second and third home you buy may be more difficult. Millennials made up 28% of the housing market in 2013 and 32% in 2014. In 2015, over 5 million say they plan to buy. Rents keep rising it, so it makes sense. We have been blogging about this for over two years.  This is the year to buy.